Welcome to “Red Earth Silver City”

“The end of the world has happened. The age of high technology ended in holocaust when the world waged war upon itself and billions perished in one mere turn of the Earth.

The souls of the burned crowded the paths to the netherworld. The ley-lines overflowed and for the first time in centuries they flared with old magic. Barriers between worlds collapsed. The rifts opened. And the legions of Hell returned to finish a war that began when the world was young.

When the smoke had cleared, the Silver City remained, but those with food and safety would not share. Man had long since traded away wonder for reason, and the weapons of science they brought to bear against their fellow survivors.

But men of magic now walked the Red Earth again. And the kings of the City feared them. They feared them, but not near as much as they feared the men of magic within their own walls."

- Clancy Hughes, AKA “The Barman”

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Red Earth Silver City

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