Barry's World

Barry Ngunnawal has a unique perspective on the world.

TITS AND BUMS – Life begets life and sex is the means to the end.

Kanga is proposing a radical agenda for the Horsemen here.

Barry agrees that we are beginning a diplomatic battle with Silver City and one of the tools of diplomacy is war.

There may be millions of people in the city and only thousands in the Outback, but this is about preserving a way of life that is distinct from the soulless city-dwelling existence. Relative populations are irrelevant in this argument.

They have the technology, we have the Dreaming.

The ultimate goal is for the Outback to have equal power with the City so we can all live in peaceful co-existence. Using propaganda to fuel hatred in the people of Jacaranda and Mansfield toward the Silver City appears counter-productive to this long term goal.

Barry has seen with his own (metaphysical) eyes that the Silver City can be the Giant Devil Dingo and it can be an Apple Tree. We must work to bring out the good (proliferation of technology) and suppress the bad (mono-cultural domination).

Barry believes that Victoria Haven merchants are parasites, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they should be destroyed. A symbiosis should be found between all cultures.

Barry's World

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