Falling Pom

Strewth is all i can say about the Falling Pom. I thought we we going to just make a trip pick up a bit of rock than walk home, it turned into to a real burke and wills. We found a downed ship with headless Hipsters guarding it.

The day really kicked off when while we were searching the downed ship, the hipster generals sent out the biggest bloody chopper that i have ever seen. Well me and Bazza thought the plan was to hole up in the crew’s quarters till the hipsters boarded, lob a grenade amongst them as a diversion, jump over board and swim to shore to make like an anzac but Roo-Loose Jack heard shoot boom stones at the chopper before it landed.

So here we are trapped in a space ship crashed in the middle of a crocoell filled swamped having given up the element of surprise, i thought we were all about to have a fork stuck in us. Long bloody story short, we all survived maybe a bit black and blue and a baker’s dozen of the hipsters ended up meeting the sun.

Outside the Hipsters had set up a mobile base we ended up inside stumbled upon an robot thing that can communicate with us, fly choppers, show us how to use these computer things and a million other things that we are yet to think off. So we made like a nanna on pension day and got out of there with all our new toys.

We also rescued the purple Mohawked pilot of the ship, Reg reckons that he is from the homeland where ever that is.

without taking a detailed inventory I counted 12 pistols, 12 smgs, 12 suits of Hipster Flack, 4 enhanced vision goggles, 4 gas masks, 36ish clips of 9mm pistol ammo, 24ish smg clips, rations, inflatable liferafts, 1 computer from base, 2 computers form copper, survival gear from chopper. Broadsword from Captain’s quarters on ship, book of chivalry.

The biggest score is 2 nuclear powered choppers and the robot. I hope with a bit of trial and error and help for the robot we will be able to use the power source from one of the choppers to solve all of Jacaranda’s power problems for a long time.

Ohh, i should mention a spirit like thing that is silent near invisible and is able to cut your head off, it seems that it was being held on-board the ship so hopefully pilot can shed light on this when he wakes up.

Falling Pom

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