Horseman Manifesto

The world should know that we wanted a better place.

The Outback has been at War for centuries, the people have just forgotten.

We will change this.

I wish that the backers could just realise that and let their hope for a better future drive them to fight, but this has never been enough. Backers need more, survival has been the way of life for to long.

We will change this.

By the end of this the Horsemen will be hated, our actions will be viewed with disgust by the Backers and the Hipsters, we can only hope that some people remember the truth.

  • Vengeance*

Vengeance will motivate the Backers in to fighting, but the Horsemen will need to facilitate this hatred, we will need to call down the wrath of the Hipsters on a Outback settlement in a way that we have never seen.


The Backers will need to be so scared of doing nothing that they will have to fight


This feels bitter in my throat.

All nations need an Army, we will get ours from the road gangs that kill and pillage their way across the outback.

For there to be an end to this war a treaty will have to be arranged with the Hipsters, remember that peace and prosperity was always the goal and overcome the hatred at the end.

Horseman Manifesto

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