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  • Barry
    I have been meet up with a bloke by the name of Bazza, he says that is his name i am sure he has a tribal name that we will share once he trusts me more. Barry is a good sort, always willing to help out the people of the place he is stayin,
  • Reginald:
    I don’t know where this fop gets his airs from. He speaks like those people in that old disc we found when we were kids, upstairsdownstairston abby. He does like his tea and throws a mean left cross right uppercut combo.
  • Jack
    This guy is just nuts, there is a whole mob of Roo’s loose in his paddock let me tell you. He has lost a hand so replaced it with a chainsaw, as you do.
    • Mr Fribbles
      Somewhere along the way Jack has made/found a puppet who is named Mr Fribbles. While this might just be harmless fun my medical training has me believing that this is a physical representation of something a lot more serious.

Why does Melbourne have power and the outback does not?
Where does the petrol come from? Never heard of a place making it.
How did the demonshead bartender get an engery weapon?
How did Wanye Curr get to the arch so quick?
What to do with the choppers?
What to ask the robot?

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Kanga's So far

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