Session 5

Rift and Croco-bat. Brain, Tentacle and Eye salvaged.

Capture and Interrogation
The military is the only Silver City group permitted to interact with the Outback beyond Victoria Haven.
Helicopter mission
1. Escort Operative and deliver him to Mansfield
2. Patrol.

Large tent in Mansfield
Captain Kane Karlsson, Occult Investigative Agency (OIA)
Bushbasher Armour: 2.1m. Shoulder gun. Forearm lasers and vibroblades. Belly Flamethrower.
King: 7’ tall
Mutated slacaious crumb thingy
10 roadgangers
Dozens of cockroaches
Firey death to all. Damage to chopper, Power armour salvaged.

Wayne Curr is protecting us. He and the Skulltaker are hunting each other.
Trying to dream of Wayne, all I saw was Patricia Rawlins’ face.
Mohawk guy has awoken.

Session 5

Red Earth Silver City Mutton