Session 6

Mohawk guy: Gal from New Cardiff – alternate reality?

Skulltaker (Predator alien?) survived the bomb at the river (Operation Drums of Heaven). Half-demonic scourge.

Patricia Rawlins missing, wandered into Forbidden Zone.

The Black Tower – The Tower of Three: Wayne Curr, Warren Low and Clancy Hughes (the Barman).

Silver City folk “disbelive” magic

Video of Silver City “Council of Eleven” meeting (I have some notes from this but I suspect Nick will post a transcript . . .)

There is a female Silver City operative in an outbacker community.

Wade McCoy (AKA Darion Strong?) was being hunted by Dr Karlsson.

Operation Mjolnir – paranormal hazards. 2500 square km (50km x 50km) protectorate over four communities. Offensive to be launched from Alexandria.
Special Unit – the Nova prototype – tough military version of our mate Neville

Session 6

Red Earth Silver City Mutton