Welcome to the dreamin

I have never in my life even considered this to be possible, the outback might have a threat larger than the hipsters.

Every backer has heard stories of the dreamtimers or the other leyliners. We saw them, dealt with them and i am scared. The Red Roaches were not an ordinary road gang, the were a cult of mages. To make matters worse they were making what seemed to be an alliance with the hipsters department (i guess they would call it something like abra ka cardigan). I know that the Hipsters have high levels of technology, but coupled with magic they would be invincible not nigh invincible.

The other side of the coin is if the Horsemen could master magic we would be able to threaten the Hipsters in a way that they have not planned for.

We must find Wayne, he will be able to answer our questions. Bazza said so and he don’t tell pork pies.

Welcome to the dreamin

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