Barry Donovan (Boori Ngunnawal)

The Prick with a Stick


Barry has a thin and elongated body and moves with careful grace. He is about 2 metres tall but only weighs 80kg. Barry has black shaggy hair and a thick beard with a massive grin of pearly-white teeth. Ritual scarification provides an “x-ray” outline of his skeleton.

Around Jacaranda, Barry wears loose clothing and carries spears and a woomera. He is often seen riding his horse Mimi.


Boori Ngunnawal grew up with his nomadic family group in an area far to the North of The Gap.

About ten years ago, while travelling in an open area with no shelter the tribe was scattered by a massive supernatural storm. Boori was knocked unconscious and only awoke when the storm had passed. Boori soon beginning finding the corpses of his extended family, including his father, which he burnt. He never found his mother, but after several weeks he had to give up the search and moved on in search of food and shelter.

Over the course of a few years Boori joined up with a few other small groups of wanderers, but was never able to form a permanent attachment to a new tribe. He was also turned away by several towns, including Mansfield, but was finally accepted into the Jacaranda community about four years ago under the name of Barry Donovan.

Barry is an easy-going bloke with a ready smile. He has the gift of the gab and can usually turn people around to his way of thinking, especially unattached women. Barry is an experienced and skilled hunter and has also worked as a tracker with local gangs heading out to bring justice to bandits. Barry learned a tough stick-fighting style from his tribe and is now just as good when fighting unarmed.

Barry is very generous to everyone he knows and has few possessions, the most important being his horse Mimi, whom he found in the mountains six years ago.

Barry Donovan (Boori Ngunnawal)

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