Jack Maccas

an angry man try'n to bring a little science to these primitive screw heads


Jack grew up in his family run Macdonald’s. home schooled by his father in the sciences passed down through each generation, jack can make marvels of engineering with just some bale wire and duck tape. set slightly mad by the death of his family and the loss of his hand, jack killed his families murderers in the only way he knew how, by hacking them apart with a chain saw. jack enjoys long walks on the beach, and working alone on his inventions.

Jack found a book on chivalry during the teams last adventure; in his spare time jack has been reading this book and has found that this connects to him through his virtue of Justice. while the book had many religious over tones, as a man of science Jack ignored that stuff and has formed his own code of chivalry.
1) to protect the weak
2) to fight for the welfare of all
3) to obey those in authority
4) to guard the honour of thy fellow knights
5) never refuse a challenge from an equal
6) never turn thy back on an enemy

following this code falls under Jack’s virtue of justice; while those whose actions defy his code shall fall upon Jack’s vice of wrath (irrespective of the fact they probably don’t know Jack’s code, they shall still earn Jack’s wrath) Jack may also in times of his wrath inform the evil doer of the code they have broken, though they may not be too receptive as they are being hacked at by a chainsaw, limbs shot off with a shot-gun, or other nasties with grenades and such.

Jack Maccas

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