Information is Power

The PCs decided they need instruction manuals to learn how to use computers. The final list of information gained included this, and:

  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering Civil
  • Admin structure – school level
  • Agriculture – hydroponics and battery farming
  • Water treatment
  • University level medicine
  • Common health issues
  • First aid manual – requires advanced equipment
  • Medical text books
  • “How to Defend your Helicopter Against Dragons”
  • “Failure of the Giant Kang Domestication Program”

To gain this info, they needed a relayed line-of-sight line of communication to the Silver City, to be achieved by tapping into the transmission station at Alexandra through a Viper being operated remotely by Neville.

The PCs waited in the other chopper in a clearing some distance away laterally.

Kanga (apparently) set codeword to prevent the re-establishment of a connection to the Silver City. The codeword is “Barry is a God”.

It wasn’t possible to determine whether or not the Viper was sighted.

When flying around afterward, it is highly likely that the aerial view would be moving.

Information is Power

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