Let's Call Him Neville

The PCs have robot, whom they have named Neville. The robot cannot dig a hole to hide the choppers.

Should they put the android in a lead-lined room to prevent detection?

Has holographic projection!

Questions and Answers:

Q: Is this unit being tracked?
A: No active tracking operations have been detected, other than host-based (tracking itself).
If ordered by an authority, could initiate tracking.

Q: How to disable?
A: One way is to be asked to disconnect.

Q: Instruction manuals for: computer use, nuclear engineering, weapon and armour manufacture, agriculture, alternative energy sources, rift magic, rift creatures, Melbourne/Silver life, Melbourne/Silver city pop culture, Melbourne/Silver political structure, first aid, medicine, drugs and their construction.
A: It has none of these but may be able to obtain them by activating a link. He can probably do this without being detected, but must establish line of sight with a Silver City transmitting station to establish a link. Download duration varies with atmospheric conditions. The nearest transmitting station. Gives co-ordinates for Alexandra, 32 km away.

Q: What info does he have without a link?
A: Some general knowledge stuff, and the ability to deduce from known information.

Q: How do you safely remove the nuclear reactors in the helicopters?
A: Safest to completely discharge the reactor’s batteries and capacitors prior to attempt. Disassemble the helicopter around the reactor whilst suspending it by dorsal shackles AH through AJ with a moveable crane. Move the reactor to its permanent housing and attach power couplings.

Q: What are the capabilities of you?
A: All information relating to the Neon project requires codeword clearance.

Q: What is the current status of the British Empire?
A: Insufficient data.

Q: Where does the petrol come from?
A: Sector 34 organic chemical synthesis facility in Melbourne. City-native traders trained to pose as outbacker merchants resupply at an outpost at Victoria Haven. They then travel into the Gap to sell it to outbackers (this info wasn’t told in the session, but it would have been pried from Neville – also it answers a question).

Q: Radio frequencies and codes?
A: Frequencies, yes. Codes and encryption keys, no.

Q: Can he build water purification devices?
A: He can design them, but cannot build them.

Q: What are water purification techniques?
A: Any combination of filtration, sedimentation, distillation, biologically active carbon or silicate, flocculation, chlorination and radiation.
Silver city uses reverse osmosis filtration, radiation and chemically treats with water purification tablets distributed to personnel on operations.

Q: Can he design weapons?
A: Can design a more efficient bow. Or hydraulic puncher.

Q: Show me blueprints/schematics of you.
A: All information relating to the Neon project requires codeword clearance.

Let's Call Him Neville

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