Quite Some Haul

The PCs took stock of the wealth of loot they came away from the crash site with.

For the moment, they assumed David Slim made it back to Jacaranda with the first two bags of loot.

The two Vipers:
It was suggested one reactor could be given to Jacaranda as a virtually unlimited power source. Could this be the genesis of a new superpower?
The combined weapons of the choppers amounted to:

  • Two Rail Guns with 8000 rounds between them, firing in 200 round bursts.
  • Four Mini-missile Launchers with 96 missiles between them, firing in 1, 2, or 4 round volleys.
  • Four Medium Range Missile Launchers with 12 missiles between them, firing in 1, 2 or 3 round volleys.

There was discussion of turning the rolls into a mobile weapons platform, or hooking up an Optimus Prime trailer.

There was speculation of using both reactors as dirty bombs in Melbourne, followed by brief mention of mass murder on the Morality scale.

There was also some question as to how much of the haul should be disclosed to Jacaranda.

Further, the point was raised that if Jacaranda became too powerful, the Silver City might consider it a threat.

Quite Some Haul

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